Lunar Month

A Flip - Book Animation of Phases of Moon

Kenneth Fuller
(copyright information 2004)


I created this activity to help students to visualize the relationship between the motions of Earth and Moon, and Moon's phases seen from Earth.  It does require a considerable amount of time to cut out the pages and glue them in order.  However, depending on the level of  your students, it can be assigned as homework, or it can be started in class then finished as homework.

In my experience most students have been intrigued by this simple form of animation.

The student materials can be printed with the "print" command on your browser.  It works best if the printer is set to "black only".
1. Cut out the flip - book pages.  Suggest that students only cut out 6-8 pages at a time, and glue them together before cutting out more.  This reduces the chances of lost pages.
2. Put page 0 on the bottom, face up. Glue page 1 on top of page 0, page 2 on top of page1, etc.
3. It is important that the right edges of the pages be even.  Otherwise they will not flip evenly.
4. Place the compleated flip - book with page 0 flat on the table, roll the other pages back without creasing them.  release the pages one at a time with your thumb nail.  If it is done properly you should see Moon revolving around its orbit.

Student's flip- book pages

The pages of the flip - book were originally made as slides of a Power Point presentation.  You may request the presentation by e-mail specify the desired file format:
html - can be viewed with a browser.  ppt - can be displayed with the Power Point program.
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