Motions  of Earth, Moon,  and Sun

Kinesthetic Activities, Demonstrations, Worksheets, for Astronomy

Kenneth Fuller
(copyright information 2004)


I have found that many students come to my class with confused notions about the various motions of planet Earth in particular.  Once they think they know something, it is very hard to replace fallacy with fact.  I think I understand the source of the confusion.  First, the different motions of Earth are taught one at a time, separately.  The teacher did not combine the motions, and it is not likely that the student will think to do so.  Second, learning from text and two dimensional diagrams (including videos), students without well developed spatial perception are not able to visualize the four dimensional reality of what is being explained.  

I believe that the activities given here will greatly improve the students conceptualization of the combined motions of Earth within the Solar System.  At the same time they will help to develop the students' skills of spatial perception.

Teachers:  As long as copyright information and proper citation is included, these activities may be printed out, copied, and used for teaching purposes.

Lesson Plans:

Planets (Earth)
Days and Years
PowerPoint: Mercury Days and Years     Venus Days and Years

Satellites (Moon)
Months and Years
PowerPoint: Lunar Month

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