Diagram 4: Venusian days and years
It is true that Venus is the only planet with a period of rotation which is longer than its period of revolution (year).  But it must be remembered that the rotation of Venus is retrograde (backward compared to Earth).  Therefore, if we start at noon local time (Sun is on the reference meridian [north south line]), in the time it takes Venus to make one eighth of a rotation (about 30 Earth days) it will have traveled about one seventh of a revolution, and it is past sunset.  At a little more than half a revolution and a little less than half a rotation, it is noon again completing the first day.  Venus will complete its first year a little before noon ends the second day.  Sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

By Fuller's law of  planetary days and years:
(- 0.9 rotations / revolution) - 1 = - 1.9 days per year

remember "-" indicates "retrograde" (backward motion)