Modern Myths Taught As Science
Kenneth Fuller 

I have found each of these misconceptions in science text books, and other presumably
authoritative sources.  It is extremely difficult to “unteach” ideas which have been
learned and reinforced in earlier years.

These myths originate from failure to understand the concepts behind factoids that have
been memorized from time to time, and lack of effort to attempt to connect the pieces
together to form a unified, overall scheme.  Of course, for beginning students, science
concepts need to be simplified.  Unfortunately, this often leads to oversimplification to
the point of falsehood.  While simplifying, the teacher needs to keep in mind the “big
picture”, and insure that the simplified beginning can be easily built upon later to develop
the full complexity of the concept without requiring “unlearning”.  Students need to be
made aware that they are learning a simple framework into which the details can be fit
later.  Exposing students to a level a bit beyond that which they are expected to master, is
not a bad idea.