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Here are some links which may be helpful for students and teachers of science.

You will find modern myths and other errors on various web sites, even some of these which should be authoritative.  Always read with critical attention.  Don't be afraid to question.  Cross check.  Look for consistent cause and effect relationships.  Be willing to accept a conclusion provisionally, knowing that with further study you may have to throw it out.


Natural History Museum of  Los Angeles County
Smithsonian Instution
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Field Museum of Natural History
Griffith Observatory

A science project activity may consist of the analysis of raw data collected by interplanetary spacecraft, satellites, or other sources.  There are web sites which provide raw data in the form of images, or tabulated measurements, which can be analysed to test hypotheses.  These are the same data being used by professional scientists in their research.

These sources also provide teachers with "real life" data for use in class activities.

Sources of raw data:

Global Temperature Project
Southern California Earthquake Center
The Albatross Project
The Star Trails Society

For elementary grades, following the "cook book" directions for a demonstration, or building a model might be an acceptable science project.  By middle school, the student should be able to explain how the experiment/observation fits into the cycle of scientific thinking , and to relate it to its appropriate field of science.  The student should demonstrate understanding of the project by being able to answer questions of "how" and "why" as well as "what", and explain the significance of the project in the context of science in general.

Warning: I offer no guarantee as to the safety, practicability, suitability, or validity of any project.  Whether in hard copy or on the Internet, all are subject to typographical and other errors.  I have read directions which could not possibly produce the results described.  Interpretations and conclusions are sometimes subject to modern myths and other fallacies.  Always cross check with other sources.

Samples of science projects:

Science project ideas and kits
Science Fair Idea Exchange
Hands-On Science
Seismology at the science fair

For those who want individual study, with or without credit.

On Line Classes

FTA Course Catalog
Forest Trail Academy is committed to providing quality education to students any time, any place, online at their own pace.

Here are other sites which deal with mis-information in science teaching.

Is the Book really right?

Bad Science
Bad Astronomy
Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes


Here are some sites which offer a variety of information related to science projects, science teaching, lesson plans, and research.

Sites of general interest:

The Chalkboard
Free downloadable resources for teachers
Kids Astronomy
Interactive geography game
"Lingo21" Translation services

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