Model of Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

Kenneth Fuller
(copyright information 2005)

After building the model myself, I have found tab and slot construction rather tricky for students.  I do not cut slots, I bend the tabs and glue them to the marks for the slots.  Where small tabs are to go through slots in a larger tab, I cut off the small tabs and glue the large one.  
In place of dowel, I find skewers from the supermarket work well.  For the length skewers I had, I needed to cut 2, at 45 degrees, and super glued the ends.file:///G:/Science%20fun/compton-model.html
The instructions refer to 8 BATSE pieces, but there are patterns for only 4, so I printed a second copy of that page.  If you are preparing for a whole class, using a photocopier to make pages of just BATSE pieces would be more efficient.  Using tweezers that can reach inside the small pieces helps in gluing the BATSE together.
Using Ping-Pong balls for the domes of COMPTEL and EGRET works if you have enough of them handy (cracked ones will work).  Otherwise, I have created a pattern for the domes which you may use.

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