Models of Spacecraft

Kenneth Fuller
(copyright information 2005)

I have found over the years that putting together these simple paper models generates high interest with many (but not all) middle school students.  I usually have them complete one model in class, some students have no idea to go about such a project and without immediate help would give up in frustration.  I then allow students to construct other models at home for additional credit.

Models available (when the site was last checked):

Cassini Model JPG

Cassini Spacecraft:

My comments and revised instructions for this model (picture at right)

Cassini Spacecraft (advanced):

Hubble telescope JPG

  Hubble Space Telescope:

  My comments

Chandra X-Ray Observatory:

               My comments 

Compton Gamma Ray Observatory JPGCompton Gamma Ray Observatory:

My comments

Shuttle Glider.JPG

 Space Shuttle Glider:

    My  comments:  This model is the fastest and easiest to build, it really does glide.

Gravity Probe B:



Teacher's preparation:

Materials needed: 

Student Introduction:

(Not more than 3 minutes)
"The spacecraft ___________ has been in the news lately (pointing to the poster).  Who can tell us something about it?"  Hopefully some will volunteer useful information.  If necessary, the teacher supplies minimum explanation.

"Today we are going to build a model of the spacecraft ___________ (holding up the previously constructed model).  Each of you will get a copy of this pattern (holding one up to show).  Be careful to read all the instructions before you start.  That way you will know where you are going, and why sometimes things need to be done in the right order.  Also, you are less likely to throw away a tiny piece which you will need.  Now we will distribute the models and materials."  (Presumably you have developed an efficient system for students to distribute materials with minimum time and disturbance.)

The teacher's function now is to patrol the room watching problems, assisting or asking another student to assist those who need it, commenting on neat work, and otherwise keeping the class on task.

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